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01 March 2010 @ 09:07 pm
It's about life on earth  
This week has just been a blast. I am so happy.

-I went to an Olympic Curling match (bronze medal game...China vs. Switzerland)
-We had our LOST party. Lots of laughing ensued.
-I got my brand new bicycle... She rides like a dream! <3
-Watching the mens gold medal hockey match was pretty epic. I was supposed to be bussing at Bon's, but we all just sat and stared at the TV for 45 minutes with baited breath.
-Shopping with Kayla at the mall. I got some new cute undies and some jeans. I only paid for the undies tho. =P
-Kayla's birthday bash at the Blarney Stone was so much fun. Dancing + Drinking Pints + Celtic Music = Wintimes!
- Getting all my mum's VHS tapes. I watched George of the Jungle last night. It was pretty sweeeet.
-Getting laid by two different people in a 24 hour time period.
-Cam doing the dishes!! Hell yeah!

The craziest thing about all this? This is exactly what the psychic told me would happen! He said that up untill mid-march I was going to have lots of care-free funtimes, and that I would be really happy. He also said I would find love in June... hope he's right about that too. ;)

Hmm. I think I might put on popcorn and watch another movie.

Warm and fuzzy feelings are warm and fuzzy.