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17 February 2010 @ 06:17 pm

Yay Olympics!

I think all of my bitterness about them has been completely washed away. Vancouver is getting all kinds of opportunities that it would've never gotten before. Vanoc has by no means made all the right decisions... but I'm happy.

I got to see Stephen Colbert today, I'm going to Corb Lund tonight, Sam Roberts, Dan Mangan, Our Lady Peace... all free! It kinda sucks that I haven't had an opportunity to watch any of them on TV, but its all good. I just love seeing so many happy people in my city. =)

And! I worked Friday - Sunday at Bons. Which we all know pays like a motherfucker. I am now rich. But it has to last a while.

I spent my Valentines Day by myself. Even after swearing that I wouldn't, and prowling for dates months in advance. Maybe that says something about my enticement skillz? Oh well, I had a gentlemen caller the night before, so it wasn't all bad.

On a related note, I just ate a spoonful of maple syrup. How is this related, you ask?

Because I'm sooo sweet. =)

Meme stolen from caughtinlimbo 

Went to RANDOM.ORG and generated ten random numbers between one and 79 (the number of text messages currently in my text message inbox on my phone). They are as follows (listed in order for my own convenience):

2 8 9 21 26 36 47 51 58 70

Now I'm going to take the text messages that my phone has assigned to these numbers, and post them here with no information on when or who they're from. My phone numbers messages from oldest to newest.

2: Sweetness! Just need it on monday for a bit!

8: Voice/fax Msg notice Total: 2 (0 urg.) (0 fax) ---> These are so annoying!

9: Maybe we should see mom first and then do the typewritten thang.

21: Broadway

26: I have to rain check. Got at the compound and will be stuck til at least nine. But free after that.

36: 51290 (022) 4:56p 05:01p 05:06p 05:11p 05:18p 05:24p Transit Alert: htp://m.translink.ca/alert/

47: Fish and Chips

51: Wait... alexandra?

58: Ill call you when im at hawks

70: Yeah. For your shot! Or wait. Did you already do it?

Haha, okay those were pretty boring. I need to have more exciting texting friends. ;)